Adventures and Lifestyle Advice From An Unemployable Vagabond

Adventures and Lifestyle Advice From An Unemployable Vagabond.

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Woodpile Hideout
Woodpile HideoutI sprinted through the back door like a startled Gazelle. I was fleeing for all my life was worth[...]
Harry The Duck
Harry The DuckOnce upon a time, in a place far far away called Canberra, I was walking along a concrete[...]
Border Force searched my phone for porn
Theary and I returned home to Phnom Penh yesterday morning after a 6 weeks visit to Australia.We often fly with[...]
What Did This Aussie Learn
What Did This Aussie Learn From 15 Months Inside a Notorious Cambodian Prison? I’m writing this from my desk in[...]
Hackers Videoed Me Watching Porn
Scammers Extortion Email -Don’t Be Fooled By These Nigerian Hackers Recently I’ve received quite a few emails trying to extort[...]
Once Upon A Time In Bangkok
When you hear of Bangkok Thailand does your mind imagine exotic experiences delicious cheap street food exciting bars and fun[...]
That Time We Went to China
Part One - Hong Kong Just last night we returned from a couple of weeks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing[...]
That Day We Went To The Golden Triangle
For the last 13 days I’ve been in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It’s in the mountainous north of the country, about[...]
10 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier!
10 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier!I watched this video earlier and thought the list of 10 Useful Websites was[...]
How to get out of debt
Debt is slaveryThe debt you have around your neck is no different from iron chains. The debt makes you a[...]
That day I got married in Cambodia
This is one of the posters the wedding reception company made for usI fell asleep about 2am and then was[...]
Don Reid – Apache Leads
Don Reid - Apache Leads It's all new, all shiny and bright!  The Don Reid Apache Leads brand spanking new[...]
How To Be The Worlds Biggest Arsehole
Once upon a time three blokes were going from Brisbane to Los Angeles.  Now because this was in the olden[...]
Shark Slide In Paradise!
Reporting to you from Paradise Island.  The weather is not terrific but I guarantee you it's a lot better than[...]
How To Overdose On Precription Drugs
While I was in Riga I lost my blood glucose meter which was annoying because it was not that old. [...]
My Name Preceeded Me
After the debacle at Terminal 5 in Heathrow Airport it was nice to get through JFK Airport in New York[...]
Screwed In Terminal 5
My mate Alex organised a mini cab to take me to Heathrow Airport.  I had booked a flight via the[...]
Touch Up In Riga
My last day in riga was a cold grey rainy day. Kris was not that pleased at having to escort[...]
The Reid Boys Have a Lucky Escape
One cold night in Riga, Kris and I were down in “old Riga” having a beer.  We were just shooting[...]
Hell Train From Riga
Kris and I climbed into the old Soviet built 3rd class rail carriage at Riga rail station. We were bound[...]
Getting An Apartment In Riga
We arrived in Riga from Turkey on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd September.  We took a bus form the airport[...]
Gallipoli We stayed in the small seaside town of Chanakakle (pronounced Shan-a-car-lay) for a couple of nights.  The town has[...]
I was tired from the night flight from Singapore as I stepped off the bus in Taskim, a downtown area[...]
First Video From Turkey
I tried to upload this video to youtube but found out its banned by the turkish government
How I Install Elevators
When I was 17 I had really had enough of school. My relationship with the teachers was not real good;[...]
The Adventure Begins 13th August 2009
I hope you will follow along as my adventure unfolds.  Watch the video and I'm sure you will see this[...]
Rambling rubbish
The first post on my new blog site.  Really it's just a post so I have something there to test[...]