Shark Slide In Paradise!

Reporting to you from Paradise Island.  The weather is not terrific but I guarantee you it’s a lot better than what’s going on in North America and Europe!

Last night we took a night off from partying and actually got up at a reasonable hour. Kris walked into town to buy a power cord and charger for his laptop because a certain Russian woman threw his away in Florida.  When he got back we decided to go on the water slides here at Atlantis.

I have to tell you, these slides are legendary.

We went on a what could only be called an entry level one which twisted and turned in the dark and eventually spat you out into a clear tube which goes through a shark pool. It was really cool to be surrounded by sharks while floating in a tube. We were pretty amazed to see that some of the sharks had learnt to rest on top of the tube carrying us.

Next was the highest scariest slide ever.  It’s from the top of the Inca temple in the picture. The scariest part, apart from the sheer angle is that once you start the slide you actually leave the slide and become airborne.  Now that’s really scary, especially as you look down and see you have to go through a entry hole into a tube. I was just hoping that somehow I would go in the hole.  I did.

Once again you slide throuh the shark tank but the speed this time is way to fast to notice anything except the needles of water smashing into your face.

I was pretty proud of having down this ride cause last time I was here I pussied out.

Guess having your son in line behind you gives you courage you didn’t know you had

Shark Slide the Bahamas

Shark Slide the Bahamas

That’s the slide in the middle of that temple type building

Anonymous says January 16, 2010

Looks like you are having a great time Don – hope life is good to you.

Best regards,

Don Reid says January 16, 2010

Thanks Virginia, yeah it was good fun, no doubt about it. Hope all is well with you

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