Rambling rubbish

The first post on my new blog site.  Really it’s just a post so I have something there to test the widgets, plugins and subscriber box.

Years ago I set up this site to focus on home business type information along the lines of search engine optimisation, affiliate marketing and mlm or network marketing.  It was all good solid information which took me weeks to build into a fairly decent website.

The problem with doing that is once completed it gives one a sense of achievement, however the information begins to decay like last weeks bread.  So for years the site languished in disrepair as I focused on other projects.  Funny thing is Google still seemed to like it thus we enjoy a page rank 3 (at the time of writing) That of course could change at anytime.

I intend to post items which I find interesting and hope you will as well.  but if no one even comes and reads them that’s fine too.  It will be a bit of a writing outlet for me.

Subscribe if you have not, I promise not to bombard you with emails.  Mostly I’ll just let you know when I’ve got a post that might interest you.

Talk soon


An ole mate says April 24, 2012

Thought you and Haks would be dead from gluttony or misadventure by now Don. Good to see you hanging around and still causing trouble.

Don Reid says December 30, 2012

Hi, just noticed your comment. Who are you?

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