Only In America Series – Trash Cadillac

I’m thinking that I should have an “Only In America” series for the weird and amazing things one can see in the USa.

Today I happened to be in the parking lot of my gym and came across an old cadillac which the owner had apparently mistaken for either a garbage truck or a rubbish bin.

I kid you not, this thing was choc a bloc full of trash except for the drivers seat. I mean, who doesn’t love trash, but this is excessive don’t you think?

Trash Cadillac

Trash Cadillac

Pimd Da Caddy

Pim’d Da Caddy

CeilingMan says August 10, 2011

Where in Nc was this?I saw a blue Cadillac today with same “setup”.I didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t take a pic.Thinking its the same guy.Will get pic next sighting.

Don Reid says August 10, 2011

I took these photos outside a gym in Fuquay Varina in late 2009. Pretty crazy 🙂 How did you find this page?

CeilingMan says August 10, 2011

Lol I saw the guy in Fuquay.He has a blue cadillac now.I saw someone taking a pic,I told my kids “I bet there is a picture of this guys car on the web.”I searched cadillac full of trash and found this page.Amazing,I didn’t find the blue caddy,but found his old car instead.I actually saw paper dated 2009 in there.I wonder if he transfered his trash or if he has a few of these “trash caddies”.He had a dealer tag.
.Ill get pics next time I see him.

Don Reid says August 10, 2011

wow what an amazing coincidence and pretty interesting he has dealer tags. when i looked in it i think i saw papers going back a few years. so maybe he upgraded the trash 🙂 I have my company based in FV but am only there very rarely. I travel around a lot. currently I’m in London, happily its a lot quieter tonight than last night when the riots came pretty close by here.

Thanks for sharing the story, i really enjoyed it



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